Type of Procurement

This is the procurement tool. The focus of this tool is to help the user identify the most fitting type of procurement for the realization of a mobility hub, if and when procurement is the preferred method.

There are a handful of methods which are predominantly selected in most procedures, and all of them come with their advantages and disadvantages. Some are selected based on preference, while others need to be selected due to legislation.

All public procurement procedures in the EU are carried out on the basis of national rules, or organization specific rules. For higher value contracts, these rules are based on general EU public procurement rules.

1Direct assignment
2Open procedure
3Restricted procedure
4Innovation partnership
5Competitive procedure / Competitive dialogue

Direct assignment

Are there suitable vendors on the market to realise the delivery?(Required)
Do you have clear and transparent criteria to select the right vendor?(Required)
Have you also analysed potential vendor markets in other countries?(Required)
Are there clear reasons to speed up vendor selection?(Required)
Is the purchase/service price below the threshold which, when exceeded, requires the use of the open tender procedure? (The threshold varies depending on the country)(Required)
Have you found only one suitable vendor, but might there be more that you have not identified yet?(Required)