Governance Approach

The governance approach distinguishes 4 governing types  From top to bottom in order of: Much government influence to little government influence. Please be aware that the government might not always have a stake or position at all. On private grounds with a market operator for example, there is no governance approach to be taken for the realization of the hub, it is in full ownership of the market. This option is not taken into account in the tools.

The 4 governance approaches that are distinguished in this tool are not a full list of all the possible governance approaches that can be adopted but they give a sense of direction. The 4 approaches are:

  1. Regulate
  2. Stimulate
  3. Restrict
  4. Leave up to the market

They are ordered from a high degree of control by the city/government to a low degree of control. The tool is designed in such a way that the questions give a score which corresponds with certain types of governance. The aim is to analyze the situation, the maturity of the market, the maturity of the city administration and the legal situation and then give an idea of which role a government should take in the realization of the hub but also in the management of the hub.

1Administration capacity (human resources availability)
2Financial resources availability
5Mobility ecosystem maturity
6Profitability level
7Citizen expectations and demands
8Secondary parameters for governance approach decision

Administration capacity (human resources availability)

Does the organisation plan to reduce administration staff in the near future?  (Required)
Does the city have sufficient human resources to manage the operation and administration of a mobility hub?(Required)